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I have a great news for you! I just launched a new website about Grand Theft Auto V and it's gonna be the best about this awesome video game. Check it out:

You will find everything about GTA V in there: news, trailers, infos, characters, cars, wallpapers, videos...

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jeudi 24 novembre 2011

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Remade in GTA IV

Watch right now the brand new trailer about GTA V in Liberty city. It is a great video what shows Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA 4 with big differences like story, graphics, characters...

dimanche 6 novembre 2011

GTA 5 Map

The first trailer of GTA 5 was not even on the web that wild rumors were already circulating, so imagine what it is now. After several official comments, including the alleged size of the map of the world, landed here as a photo. Outright.

Fans of the first hour are sure to pounce, just to find out more about the next baby Rockstar. Skeptics say that the image is blurred, and it is worthy of Mamie Nova's photoshop this job. I've slipped a map of San Andreas at the time (the good old days), so you can find points of comparison.

jeudi 27 octobre 2011

GTA 5 Release - New trailer next week

On November the 2nd, next Wednesday, the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V will be showed to the world.

For indeed, GTA V has just been made ​​official by Rockstar Games, as shown in the homepage of their website.

Patience, then, before we know who and where we play and, above all, how many hookers can be the choice to enter or crushed by car.

dimanche 21 novembre 2010

Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360
Back in March when there were some informations on a Grand Theft Auto 5 release update, most people were clear on their likes and dislikes, which included GTA IV being seen as missing a few things.
Some people class GTA 4 as a different game altogether, and find games like GTA Vice City much better for gameplay but are put off by the poor graphics when compared to GTA IV. How did you rate GTA 4 for gameplay compared to previous versions?

Disappointments in the characters in GTA IV and overall lack of gangs have also been noted, but personally I would like to see an option to turn off the swearing. The game has an older age rating but not all of us want to hear that amount of swearing during a game, especially if children could walk in the room.
There must be a way for Grand Theft Auto V to include an option to turn off swearing, there is no open world games children can enjoy like GTA but without all the 18+ activities and swearing. There are many reasons why we should have an option to control the swearing.